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Back to School Means Using Caution in School Zones

Schools are back in session in Indiana, and that means that students are out in full force, traveling from home to school and back again. Crossing guards monitor only very few school crossings; there is a shortage of volunteers and a shortage of funds to pay for crossing guards. State and local police officers do make an effort to be out and about during the times when most students are traveling. Most school zones are unmonitored, unless a local law enforcement officer has time to patrol during the peak hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., and 2:00 p.m. to... View Article

Drunk Driving, Texting and Personal Injury

When I was younger, we, as a society, did not appreciate the dangers of drunk driving.  It was more than 30 years ago that one woman said enough is enough.  I quote from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Website: “Beckie Brown was a tireless advocate for MADD. She became involved when her son, Marcus Daniel Brown, died at age 18 on December 9, 1979, from injuries suffered in a traffic crash involving a 19-year old drunk driver. Channeling her grief into action, Beckie established the first MADD chapter in Northern Florida.”  Wrongful death caused by the drunk driver, serious injury... View Article

Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney Discusses School Bus Safety Tips

Schools are back in session throughout central Indiana. Thousands of children are traveling across the metro area in the morning and afternoon, to get from home to school and back again. If you are driving during peak school zone times, you should be watching for school buses. You should also know what to do, to keep children safe and keep out of legal trouble. Know What to Look For There are several things you should be watching for. First, look for signs along the roadway that signal school bus stops. Signs near schools will also signal school bus loading and... View Article

School Zones, Speed, Serious Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

In the last few weeks schools have been out of session due to the holiday season and then a week off because of the weather.   My route to work involves passing through three schools zones.  You know a school zone, the speed limit is 25 miles per hour from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm.  The speed limit is reduced because we all know that a high concentration of children and young people will be congregating in those areas.  We also all know that some of them will be crossing the streets to get to school.  Traveling at 25 miles per... View Article

Watch For Children Playing

I always tell me teenage drivers, a child is a stop sign, when you see one in an area, be prepared to stop.  This means that they should be driving at such a speed , when children are present, that they can stop at a moments notice.  I tell them that the inconvenience of driving a little slower is worth not having to spend the rest of their lives thinking about the serious personal injury or wrongful death they might cause to an innocent child.  Some other rules go along with this kind of thinking.  Do not speed through residential... View Article

Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Pedestrian Road Use

In a car crash with a pedestrian, or bicyclist, the law of gross tonnage applies. The law of gross tonnage states that when two bodies impact, the body with the larger gross tonnage will fare better in the collision that the body with the lighter gross tonnage. In any collision between a car and a pedestrian, or a bicyclist, the car will always fair better.

Children Are Stop Signs

know that small children do not understand the dangers associated with moving cars. We know they are impulsive and we know that even if they are carefully instructed about cars and streets, they may not always follow the rules that adults and older children will follow.

Pedestrians in The Crosswalk

It is my experience that cars hit pedestrians at cross walk most often in one of two ways. The first is at the intersection. A driver wants to make a right turn, and to do so is looking to the left for oncoming traffic. Once traffic clears, the driver fails to look left, starts the turn and hits the pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Indiana Auto Accident Attorney – Beware of Signing a Release Too Early

Often when someone is injured in a crash or by some other method as a result of someone’s negligence the insurance carrier for the party at fault will come in early and offer a small settlement in exchange for signing a “release”.  An injured person who signs the release gives up all of their rights regardless of how seriously they are injured. It does not matter how many medical bills you have or future medical bills you might have because  a release stops all responsibility on the party at faults behalf. It is not unusual for someone to come to our... View Article

Indiana Serious Injury Attorneys Explore the Dangers to Pedestrians

We are your Indiana serious injury lawyers.  Our experiences, in travelling all over the State of Indiana representing seriously injured Hoosiers, has taught us a great deal about the dangers cars pose to pedestrians. It may seem obvious that in a pedestrian car accident, the car will always win, but these injuries keep happening.  We are saddened to read of the untimely wrongful death of Hadliegh Cave. On March 4, 2011 Ms. Hadliegh cave was hit, and killed along Franklin road south of Thompson Road.  Unfortunately, Hadliegh Cave was apparently tempting fate by running into traffic with her friends.  It... View Article