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Do you want to give a Statement to the At Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

If you are in a collision and you are injured we advise against giving a statement to the at fault driver’s insurance company.  Why, you ask.  You are going to tell the truth and everyone will agree that it is the other driver’s fault, so what is the harm. Let’s take it one step at a time.  First, the police have already performed an investigation and more likely than not have taken a statement from you.  The insurance company for the at fault driver has access to the police report.  Therefore, they already have a statement from you.  Therefore, what... View Article

What if the Drunk Driver has no Insurance?

You are on your way home when a light flashes in front of you and then the lights go out.  You wake up in the hospital with broken bones, or a spinal cord injury or you have other life threatening injuries.  Your family tells you that you were hit by a drunk driver.  The family car is a total loss.  They had to cut you out of it and everyone was worried you were not going to make it.  The family also tells you that the drunk driver doesn’t have any insurance that will cover your medical bills, lost wages... View Article

Getting Your Medical Bills Paid While You Get Well

Insurance companies love it when an injured person does not have health insurance. Why?… you ask.. well then they know that you can not afford to get the proper medical treatment for your  injuries and will be pressured to accept less than full value for your damages. If you do not have health insurance then check to see if you are considered at work when you were injured (e.g. a delivery man driving to deliver gets hit by a driver at fault). If so then worker compensation should pay for your related medical bills and allow you to get the... View Article

About Spinal Cord Injury

I was thinking about my friend Chet the other day.  I learned so much from Chet.  He was a wonderful friend, full of love and time for others. He also taught me about perservence and spinal cord injury.  You see Chet was injured in an accident and suffered a spinal cord injury.  The injury occurred in the neck and the effect of the injury was that Chet was paralyzed from the nipples down.  He had gross motor movement in his arms but none in his hands.  It makes no difference whether the spinal cord injury is caused by an automobile... View Article

Auto Accidents, Medical Payments Insurance and Health Insurance

Heaven forbid, but imagine either you, a loved one or a close friend is hit by a drunk driver.  Injuries include broken bones and spinal injuries.  The drunk driver has insurance, but the health care providers do not want to wait for payment of all the bills incurred because of the serious personal injuries.  What do you do?  First, take a deep breath, there are answers to all these question rolling through your mind. The first question you have to answer is who is going to pay all these bills. Of course the liability insurance carrier for the drunk driver... View Article

Tips for Avoiding Deer Collisions This Fall and Winter

Fall is upon us again here in the Hoosier State. The deer population in Indiana is as strong as ever, and motor vehicle accidents involving deer are extremely common. When you are out and about enjoying the fall foliage and thousands of miles of scenic roadway in Indiana, use the following tips to help you avoid a collision with a deer. Plan Your Trips Wisely Deer are most active at dawn and dusk. If you can, avoid traveling during peak deer activity times. And avoid traveling during dark when visibility is poor. If you must travel, leave a little earlier... View Article

The Hit and Run Accident and the Injury Lawyer

Pow, out of nowhere, a car runs the stop sign and hits you broadside.  Your airbags go off and white smoke envelopes you.  You aren’t sure, but you think there might be a fire in the car.  You don’t really know what happened and you can’t focus.  The world is moving a bit slower now.  You think, am I hurt, what is going on.  You feel a sharp pain in your left shoulder and rib area, where the impact came from.  You think, I might be seriously hurt, what should I do?  You look left and see that the car... View Article

Injury Attorney thinks a Torn Rotattor Cuff is a Very Serious Personal injury

The shoulder is miraculous.  It is the only joint in the human body which rotates a full three hundred and sixty degrees.  The miracle of this joint is, and I am not a doctor so forgive my layman’s terms, it is two bones held together by a series of muscles and tendons but is strong enough, in some cases to allow a person to lift several hundred pounds over their head.  It is versatile enough to allow a person to eith reach across their body to grab the seat belt, or to reach backwards to grab that same seat belt,... View Article

Serious Personal Injury and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

This goes out to those in tune with social media. If you have been involved in a car crash, a semi tractor trailer collision, and or construction accident, and you were seriously injured, be aware that the insurance company for the person that hit you, or caused the harm, will likely be researching your social media foot print to find things they can use against you. I guess this is not unlike the fact that potential employers will research your social media footprint to make judgments about your being an employee of that company. Things to be aware of, with... View Article

Medicaid and the New Indiana Plan under the Affordable Care Act

    Governor Pence just rolled out Indiana’s plan to comply with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.  In the interest of full disclosure, I have not yet read the plan, and do not know how it will affect Hoosiers.  I do, however, represent Hoosiers dealing with serious personal injury, and or who are applying for Social Security Disability, and or Hoosiers who are currently receiving Social Security Disability and Medicare.  Many of my clients who are dealing with the life altering affects of being seriously injured, have had to apply for Medicaid because they lost their insurance when... View Article

Hit and Run Drivers and Uninsured Motorist Driver Insurance Coverage

Charles A. Parrett hit a fellow Hoosier with his car. He left the scene.  He came back to the scene after speaking with his mother.  Good for her.  Unfortunately,  Robert L Blankenship, a pedestrian, suffered wrongful death as a result of being hit by Parrett’s car.  Mr. Parrett was charged with fleeing the scene of an accident resulting in death, and operating a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance, causing death. How sad for all involved.  Bad choices lead to bad consequences and two families suffer. I tell you this story because it is an opportunity to help... View Article