Social Security Disability and Delays in Receiving Benefits

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Indianapolis Social Security Disability AttorneyI received an email the other day from a frustrated client.  He wrote that he has been waiting for 13 months for benefits and he knows a former co-worker who went in applied and got the benefits in less than two weeks.  The email asked a good question, why did I get a lawyer and still have to wait so long when the other guy got benefits so quickly?  In other words, what are you doing to help me and why is it taking so long?

There are no easy answers to this very difficult question.  The first answer is that there are thousands of applications made for social security benefits each day.  The administration has to evaluate each one of these applications.  The applications list as many varied disabilities as there are medical conditions and each has to be investigated,  This requires getting medical records and then talking to doctors and then making a decision.  It simply takes time.  The statistics show that 90% of all applicants are turned down on their first application. This usually means that these folks seek out a lawyer to appeal the denial, and the process takes more time.

Now why might the co-worker get benefits so quickly? The administration has a list of compassionate allowances.  This list is a list of medical conditions that are so severe that they always result in a finding of disability.  Although it might be good to be on this list if you want the benefits quickly, if you are on this list you have a medical condition that is likely to end in a quick death.  Being on this list is not a persons first choice. I tend to think not being on this list is better, but I am not waiting for benefits.

I am also asked why the person who can walk and do things seemingly without disability is on disability?  The inference is that I am disabled and denied while this scofflaw gets money for nothing. I always tell people that you cannot judge a book by its cover.  Many disabling diseases, such as heart, and kidney disease do not show up like a scarlet letter.  I say the administration has looked at their records and found a medical basis for the finding of disability. Though it is frustrating to wait, your wait is not the fault of the other person who is receiving benefits.

Yes, there are people who get benefits fraudulently while others who are deserving wait.  My experience is, how these folks are the exception, not the rule.

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