Police Reports and Accidents

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In our line of work, representing seriously injured people as a result of car crashes, semi tractor-trailer accidents and drunk driving accidents, we rely heavily upon an investigating officers report to start our investigation into the facts of the car collision.  We do not rely exclusively upon the report because we want to speak directly with the witnesses and obtain recorded statements about how the auto accident occurred.  We also want to get out to the scene of the collision as soon as possible before the physical evidence is worn away by the weather.  Nothing is as important to a serious personal injury claim as a prompt and thorough investigation into the facts of the case.

Indianapolis Accident AttorneysThe police report is our first step in that work.  Sometimes, however, it takes a few days, maybe even a week before the report is available to us.  Why is this the case.  The answer is multifactorial.  One of the biggest factors is the severity of the collision.  If the auto collision results in wrongful death or serious personal injury, such a paralysis, or brain injury, the police will do a more thorough investigation.  Semi tractor-trailer collisions often result in the wrongful death of the driver or serious personal injury and therefore are apt to take longer than the standard time.  In drunk driving collisions, a report may be delayed by the time necessary to receive back the blood test results. In the more serious collisions, there will often be an accident reconstructionist brought in to take measurements of the scene and to document the scene with photographs. A reconstructionist has special training, usually through the Northwestern School of Accident reconstruction.  This training allows the officer to draw expert conclusions about the cause of the auto accident and to determine fault and other essential issues.

We work closely with accident investigators to determine, as early as possible, what happened in a drunk driving collision or any collision, to make sure our client’s rights are properly protected.  If you or a loved one is involved in a serious personal injury collision, call Young and Young and put or 61 years of experience on your side.

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