Pictures and Witnesses at Accidents are Crucial

April 8, 2016 Published by

Indiana Auto Accident AttorneysIf you or someone you know is injured and you are at the scene be sure to take pictures of the area where the injury occurred. Whether it be car damage or location, icy conditions, broken shelves or anything thing that might have caused the injury, pictures at the scene are critical.

The main reason is that conditions change with time or the help of people repairing or replacing hazardous conditions. In many cases pictures at the scene are the main factor that lets an injured person prove their case. If you are a witness to an injury caused by someone’s negligence be sure to take pictures if you are there and also to give your contact information to the person injured.

Don’t rely on just giving it to the police as often witness information is not fully documented in police or incident reports. Your observations and pictures may be the difference between someone injured by another’s fault to be able to prove their case and obtain justice.

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