What if the person who hit you claims they had the green Light?

April 28, 2016 Published by

Indianapolis Auto Accident AttorneysYou are driving home after a pleasant day with family and friends.  You approach an intersection and wham, you are spinning with an explosion like a gun shot in your ears.  You have just been the victim of a car crash. You can’t see because the airbag is wrapped around your face.  Your are disoriented and in shock.  You are not sure if your spouse, in the passenger seat is okay and you are not sure if your kids are ok in the back seat.  You do not even know if you are ok.  Your world is just not predictable anymore.  You find you are hurt and you go to the hospital in an ambulance.

Over the next few days as you are healing and are worried about your family you run the events of the automobile collision over and over in your mind.  You are certain that you entered the intersection on the green light so you are sure that you were not the cause of the car collision.  You finally receive a copy of the police report.  To your shock you see that the twenty something girl who hit you claims she entered the intersection with the green light.  You know that you both could not have entered the intersection on the green light so either the other person is wrong or you can’t trust your eyes.  The first thing you need to do is call us, your lawyers because you know the insurance company for the person that hit you is not going to listen to you.  They are going to listen to their driver and deny your claim as being your fault.

You call us because we have more than 60 years experience investigating the facts of serious personal injury car collisions.  We will put our team to work for you immediately to find those witnesses that saw the light color when either you, or the other driver entered the intersection.  There may be cameras at the intersection that caught the collision as it occurred.  We will find out and get that video.  We will go to the scene and document the skid marks on the road.  We will download the computer information from the computer on your car and on the car that hit you. In other words we will do everything possible to immediately develop the facts that demonstrate the wreck was not your fault.  So, take a deep breath, and call us now, toll free 888/639-5161 and put us to work for you to get to the truth.

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