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Thousands of Hoosiers suffer brain injury every year

Thousands of Hoosiers suffer brain injury every year. Brain injury is one of the most common injury in a collision, fall, or traumatic event. Brain injury can occur even if the person is not knocked unconscious.If you have ever been in a collision, a fall, or otherwise have hit your head, and you had the sensation of being knocked goofy, or having your bell rung, you probably have had a brain injury. Brain injury is categorized as severe, moderate or mild. These categorizations are based on many factors including whether you were knocked unconscious, and if so, how long you... View Article

Protect Your Motorcycle Freedom

Motorcycles are a great way to see the country side.  Cruising down the road with the wind in your hair and nothing but the open road between you and happiness.  Motorcycles express the American dream in ways we feel deep in our collective souls: independence, rebel, free spirit. Learning to be safe on a motorcycle should be the first step.  Indiana requires a rider to obtain a special license to ride a cycle.  Riders are encouraged to take a special course to learn the tricks and the dangers in riding.  ABATE offers a great class. Most collisions or crashes between... View Article

Wrongful Death Claims in Indiana

We read it about it constantly: a motorist killed in a car crash, a motorcyclist killed in a crash, a construction worker killed on the job site, a child dies because a toy becomes lodged in her throat or his head becomes wedged between the bars of his crib.  As we have said before the purpose of the tort law (The law which helps people who have been hurt or killed by another person’s negligence) is accident, injury and death prevention.  It is only when the law fails in its original purpose that we turn to its secondary purpose, compensation... View Article

Drive Like a Reasonable Person

In the Indianapolis Star, Monday December 14, 2009, a story describes the charges brought against a school bus driver who, allegedly, did not extend the stop sign on the bus when dropping off a child. The bus driver is facing potential jail time for her actions. The school bus is the most iconic transport for our children. It is equipped with stop signs to make the travels of the children, to and from the bus as safe as possible. The bus stops at all railroad crossings and has extended mirrors for safety. Those who refuse to stop for the bus... View Article

Tiger Woods was Lucky in SUV Rollover

Tiger Woods drove out of his drive way at a high speed and lost control of his SUV.  Apparently the SUV hit a fire hydrant, and during this, Tiger Woods over corrected and the SUV rolled over.  Fortunately for Tiger Woods, the world’s greatest golfer and first billionaire athlete, he was not seriously injured.  To be sure, he suffered minor cuts and bruises, and his reputation is taking a beating, but he can still walk, and swing a club.  Many of our fellow citizens are not so lucky. One reason for the SUV roll over is that it has a... View Article