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How to Get Medical Bills Paid When Injured

When you are injured and have lost wages, have medical bills and serious injuries you are confronted with financial hurdles you were not expecting . If you remember these tips it can save you some stress and get your medical bills paid more easily and efficiently.  If you are injured in a traffic accident, a fall, by product failure or other means you are going to incur medical expenses.  Often injured people think the other side (i.e. the person or business that caused their injury ) should pay for their medical expenses.  This is not always the best path. Sometimes you have no choice,... View Article

Indianapolis Serious Injury Lawyer Discusses Construction Safety

Construction is one of the most dangerous professions in the United States.  The opportunity for injuries from falls from heights (such as from a ladder, scaffold or even through a floor hole), from heavy equipment, trench collapses, electrocution, explosions, objects falling from height and many others.   We send our thoughts and prayers to the family of a northern Indiana construction worker who, yesterday, fell from a roof resulting in wrongful death. David W. Gingery was cleaning a roof when the fall occurred.  Details are not fully known but either the roof collapsed or the safety cable Mr. Gingery was using... View Article

Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyer Discusses Working and Social Security

 In most instances the rule is in order to be entitled to Social Security Disability, the Worker must not be working.  This rules bumps into the reality that workers who are no longer earning have no income, cannot pay their bills and lose everything before the Social Security Administration approves their application for benefits. There is a rule that allows a worker to work and earn money and still be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits.  The administration allows a disabled person to earn up to $940.00 dollars per month and still be eligible for disability benefits.  The reason for... View Article

Worker’s protection under Indiana OSHA rules and regulations

A lot of discussion has gone into the “Right to Work” bill that is currently before the Indiana Legislature. At Young and Young, as Indiana serious injury lawyers representing seriously injured Hoosier works all over the State of Indiana from our Indianapolis offices, we are focused on the issue of worker safety. As you may or may not know, Hoosier workers are protected by Indiana Occupation Safety and Health Administration rules and regulations administered by the Indiana Department of Labor.  The State of Indiana adopted the federal rules and regulations which are contained in the Code of Federal Regulations, most... View Article

Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits – Young and Young Attorneys at Law

As your Indiana Social Security Disability Attorneys, representing disabled Hoosiers all over the State from our Indianapolis offices we hear a lot of the same initial questions about Social Security Disability.  Those questions include: Am I eligible?, How much money will my benefits be?, How do I apply? How does the Social Security administration make the decision?, and more.  Well, we take a very hands on approach to your social Security Disability claim.  John P. Young, a partner with Young and Young, will personally speak to you about your claim when you call.  He will ask you a few questions... View Article

How Ability to Walk Affects Your Social Security Disability Claims – Indiana SSDI Lawyers

As Your Indiana Social Security Disability Attorneys, representing Hoosiers all over the State of Indiana out of our Indianapolis offices, we want to talk with you about how the ability to walk plays into your Social Security Disability application.  First, when the Social Security Administration views the types of work available in the economy, they look at the following categories: Sedentary, Light, Medium, Heavy, and very Heavy.  Each of these categories requires a certain amount of walking.  The sedentary job requires the least amount of walking, about 2 hours a day.  Now, what kind of walking are they talking about? ... View Article

Responsibility and the Free Market

Albert Einstein once said that the world is a dangerous place because people do not do anything about it.  We, as children learned something from our mothers that is as true today as it was when she said it.  If you make a mess, you are responsible to clean it up.  You are responsible to clean it up fully.  We, as trial lawyers know that this means if you harm someone through your negligence, you are responsible for making up for that harm by fairly compensating the person you hurt.  This rule has two good effects.  The first is that... View Article

Indiana Injury Lawyers

Young and Young has been representing Hoosiers injured by the negligence of others since 1954. We know there is a lot of suspicion about personal injury lawyers, especially with the TV ads and the direct mail that comes to your door. We agree with the skeptics. The TV ads and direct mail solicitations are horrible. They create claims where none would have normally existed. The rationale, used by the advertisers is that it is important to inform the public of their rights. While knowledge is power these ads and direct mailings are not really done to inform the public, they... View Article

Indiana Injury Attorney

John P. Young, of the Indianapolis Law firm of Young and Young, is your Indiana Injury Attorney.  Young and Young has been protecting the rights of Injured Hoosiers to full and fair compensation since 1954.  Mr. Young learned from experienced trial attorneys and has been helping injured Hoosiers for more than 22 years.  Mr. Young represents Hoosiers injured in car wrecks, highway accidents, construction accidents, semi tractor-trailer accidents, motorcycle crashes, and drunk driving accidents.  Mr. Young knows the medicine and has been involved in helping Hoosiers dealing with broken bones, burns, blindness, brain injury, back injuries resulting in spinal cord... View Article

Indiana Injury Attorney

Construction site injuries can be catastrophic.  Often, falls from height are involved.  The combination of the blunt force trauma and the deceleration injuries can lead to wrongful death or permanent injury.  Those injuries may include brain injury, spinal cord injuries including paraplegia and quadriplegia, broken bones back injury, and amputation.  The worker may no longer be able to work.  The construction injury leading to future lost wages in addition to the permanent impairment.  Construction work can be the most dangerous profession.  The problem is that workers may not recognize the danger associated with a particular activity and be injured before... View Article

Indiana Injury Lawyer

John P. Young is your Indiana injury lawyer. Construction accidents are a huge problem for the Hoosier working family. Construction accidents and construction injuries are costly to both the construction industry because of lost man hours for not only the loss of the injured worker, but for the time involved in investigating the cause of the injury and making sure the cause is eliminated. It is costly to the injured Hoosier because of medical bills and lost wages. You may say that workers compensation will pay the bills, and in most instances you are correct. You may say that workers... View Article