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Do you want to give a Statement to the At Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

If you are in a collision and you are injured we advise against giving a statement to the at fault driver’s insurance company.  Why, you ask.  You are going to tell the truth and everyone will agree that it is the other driver’s fault, so what is the harm. Let’s take it one step at a time.  First, the police have already performed an investigation and more likely than not have taken a statement from you.  The insurance company for the at fault driver has access to the police report.  Therefore, they already have a statement from you.  Therefore, what... View Article

Auto accident, Semi Tractor-Trailer Collision- The importance of a rapid and in depth Scene Investigation

Did you know that most cars and semi tractor-trailers carry a little black box that records data about a collision when one occurs?   Did you know that many semi tractor-trailers have on board cameras that record not only what is going on outside the vehicle but also what is going on inside the vehicle.  For these reasons  it is vital that your family contact a qualified attorney, experienced in reconstructing car wrecks, drunk driving crashes, and semi tractor-trailer wrecks when the passengers suffer serious personal injury. The actions of the owner of the vehicle can cause recording devices to erase... View Article

Truckers Resist Rules on Sleep, Despite Risks of Drowsy Driving

Truckers and the trucking industry have a keen interest in newer U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules regarding a common problem of roadway safety – drowsy driving. For both of these groups, money is a core concern, but for the public, safety is the number one issue. Driver Fatigue and Fatal Crashes It is estimated that between one seventh and one third of all semi-truck crashes are related to driver fatigue, falling asleep while driving or drowsy driving. A recent (June 2014) collision involving comedian Tracy Morgan resulted in injury to him and death to... View Article

Tips on Avoiding Semi-Truck Accidents

As we spoke about earlier, accidents involving semi-trucks can be deadly for those in passenger cars and smaller trucks. The following tips will help drivers avoid an accident with a semi truck and stay safe on the roads during this holiday season and all through the year. * Be Cognizant of Blind Spots Semi-trucks have large blind spots on the side of the vehicle, and behind it. Before you pass a semi, ensure that the driver sees your vehicle and is aware that you are planning to pass. You should also remember to signal your intentions well in advance of... View Article

Why Are Truck Accidents So Horrific?

According to the NHTSA, the number of fatal auto accidents is increasing yearly. Almost 40,000 people each year are killed in automobile accidents, and many of these are due to run-ins with a semi. According to the same set of statistics, around half a million accidents each year involve trucks that weigh over 10,000 pounds. These accidents include serious injuries, and thousands of deaths. With that being said, accidents involving large trucks make up just a small percentage of the total of accidents on United States roadways each year. However, these accidents make up a large portion of the fatalities. When... View Article

Semi Tractor-Trailer Accidents, Motor Coach Accidents and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act

We share the road with Semi tractor –Trailers (Semis) and we allow our families to ride in Motor Coaches such as the Mega Bus.   We know that semi tractor-trailer crashes have the potential to cause serious personal injury.  We know that Motor coach collisions have the potential for causing serious personal injuries and wrongful death to many, many folks.  Despite this, we place a vague trust in the operators of these types of vehicles to put safety first, and protect us from harm.  Responsible carriers do put safety first because they know that reducing, or eliminating unsafe driving and repairing... View Article

Tired Truck Drivers Can Lead to Auto Accidents and Personal Injury

Americans in general live very busy lives, between caring for family members, going to work, commuting time, and various errands it can be hard to fit everything in during normal waking hours. When this happens, and inevitably something’s gotta give, all too often that something is sleep. A 2013 CDC report revealed that 1 in 25 drivers admitted that they had fallen asleep at the wheel in the last month. While it is disconcerting that regular drivers are falling asleep at the wheel, these concerns only intensify when the driver is beyond the wheel of a semi tractor trailer truck,... View Article

Distracted Driving and Semi Tractor-Trailer Accidents

I have been very vocal about distracted driving.  It is as bad as drunk driving.  Now I want to share with you a sad tale involving a detracted driver.  To make things worse, the distracted driver was driving a semi tractor-trailer at the time he was driving distracted and predictably caused a distracted driver collision. A group of young people were on their way to a concert in another state.  The young people were in 3-4 separate cars, and they were in a kind of caravan.  In the rear of the line of cars was a young man, about 27... View Article

Indiana Semi Tractor Trailer Accidents

A semi tractor-trailer hit an overpass recently on I-70.  Imagine what would have happened if a family of five, on their way to Kings Island for a day of fun in the sun was behind that truck when it came to a screeching halt?  Can you imagine yourself driving alongside the truck when it hit the overpass and showered debris all over the highway.  It is not reasonable to drive a truck on the roads knowing that it is too tall may well hit an overpass.  It is not safe for the driver of the truck.  It is not safe... View Article

What to do if you are in a car accident

In most emergency situations if you give some consideration to what you will do if you are confronted with the emergency, you will be able to deal with the issues more efficiently.  This is especially true of automobile collisions, motorcycle accidents and semi tractor-trailer collisions.  There is always a good chance that you will be seriously hurt in the collision, which makes it even more difficult to think clearly.  We offer the following information which we found on the State of Indiana BMV website. It is essential to remain calm.  Check your breathing and try to get control of your... View Article

Staying Alert Prevents Semi Tractor-Trailer Collisions

Every driver on the highway who has tried to drive “straight through” on a long distance vacation or work trip knows that scary feeling when the thoughts start to drift, the eyelids get heavy and the head starts to bob.  Hopefully you have pulled off the road, to a hotel or a rest stop, and taken a nap to clear your head.  Too many people have not and have woken up only to find they have been in a car wreck and either have suffered, or caused, serious personal injury.  I have a friend who learned the hard way and... View Article

Holiday Driving and Semi Crashes

It is close to Christmas. It is currently Chanukah. Sons, daughters, Mothers, Fathers, cousins, aunts, uncles and more are on the State and Federal highways trying to get home. We hope everyone has a safe and peaceful holiday season. All these folks have to share the road with semi tractor-trailers. Being so close to these big trucks at high speed inevitably lead to semi tractor-trailer crashes. The big truck accidents can be devastating because of the size difference in the vehicles involved. The weight differential causes the likelihood of spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, paralysis, and even wrongful death. The... View Article