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Back to School Means Using Caution in School Zones

Schools are back in session in Indiana, and that means that students are out in full force, traveling from home to school and back again. Crossing guards monitor only very few school crossings; there is a shortage of volunteers and a shortage of funds to pay for crossing guards. State and local police officers do make an effort to be out and about during the times when most students are traveling. Most school zones are unmonitored, unless a local law enforcement officer has time to patrol during the peak hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., and 2:00 p.m. to... View Article

Enforcing Text Ban Remains Problematic

In 2011, the State of Indiana passed a ban on texting. This ban prohibited drivers from using their phones to send or receive text messages while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. However, there are several loopholes in this law that are causing frustration amongst citizens, lawmakers and law enforcement officers. While the ban passed in Indiana addresses text messaging specifically, it does not prohibit drivers from utilizing smartphones to access other apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, email and other apps that can cause distraction while driving. Police officers are allowed to stop an individual on suspicion of texting... View Article

The Number One Killer of Teens is Motor Vehicle Crashes

Teens are at risk for serious injury or death, due to several factors. Inexperience and attitude can be contributing factors. There are many reasons why teens lose their lives each year. However, a startling new statistic shows that motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers. Fatalities are split nearly evenly between teen drivers and teen passengers. 56% of the teen fatalities that happened as a result of a motor vehicle crash involved the driver; 44% involved the passenger in the vehicle. Around 25 percent of teens polled in a recent survey admitted that they neglect... View Article

Texting and Driving Leads to Serious Injury and Wrongful Death

As cell phone use in vehicles increases, so does the number of auto accidents caused by this technology. According to the CDC, each year in the United States at least nine people are killed and more than 1,000 people are injured in crashes that are caused by distracted driving. Efforts are being made to educate the public on the consequences of texting and driving, but this isn’t enough. If you find yourself in the devastating position of being affected by a car accident that was caused by texting or other distractions, you must take the proper steps to legally protect... View Article

Head On Collisions and Serious Personal Injury

Two people were suffered wrongful death in a head on collision in Madison County last night. At least three people were flown by life line helicopter as a result of serious personal injury. According to news reports Lukas D. Green of Muncie Indiana crossed the centerline and collided head on with the car driven by an as yet identified driver. It is not clear why Mr. Green crossed the centerline. This presents another reminder to all Hoosiers that distracted driving kills and maims. Distracted driving includes a wide range of behaviors which take the drivers full attention away from the... View Article

Wrongful Death of Teen Drivers

A week ago I penned a blog entry about texting and driving.  We see it all the time in our practice causing all kinds of serious personal injuries to our clients.  I wrote that teens seem to be more aware about the dangers of drunk driving accidents and are using good judgment in using cabs or designated drivers.  I also talked about the dangers texting and how it causes the driver to have the same attentive cognition as a drunk driver.  Unfortunately my worries were confirmed by a study released by the Governors Highway Safety Association.  Apparently in the first... View Article

Texting While Driving

Statistics tell us that a person who is texting while driving is distracted to the point that the driver is the equivalent of a drunk driver.  I am pleased to report that in my world the teenagers I encounter are well educated about the danger of drunk driving.  I hear many stories about parents who speak frankly with their children about drunk driving.  This may include telling them to stay where they are, call a cab which will be paid for no questions asked when they arrive home, or even getting up and picking them up.  We are not condoning... View Article

Texting IS Impaired Driving

We all know that drunk driving is dangerous because the driver’s perception, reaction time and decision making are slowed, if not functional.  The alcohol effects the drunk drivers body by interfering with the brains ability to communicate effectively with the other parts of the body.  It is almost as if the danger information is not communicated to the body so that the body cannot react and avoid problems.  The biggest problem is that the drunk driver is operating a 2000 pound missile at speed. Texting and driving presents all the same dangers.  Instead of alcohol interfering with the brain’s ability... View Article

Texting and Driving, a Recipe for Serious Injury and Wrongful Death

 A few days ago we wrote about the dangers of distracted driving.  In that discussion we talked about texting and driving.  Well, one of our own brought home the importance of the discussion yesterday. Lucas Harrison of Richmond just had to get that last text out.  He was driving his car in Richmond, and texting in violation of the new anti texting law.  He was distracted from his duty on the road to pay attention by his texting.,  the next thing he knows he is driving through a medical building and coming out on the other side. The good news... View Article

Horseplay is Dangerous Driving

Horseplay is any action of a passenger or passengers, that distracts the driver of a car. Horseplay can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

Cell phone use is an increasingly common cause of accidents

As Indiana Injury Attorneys, practicing out of our Indianapolis offices, we are very concerned about the use of cell phones and driving.  Cell phone use is an increasingly common cause of accidents by young drivers.  However, this problem is not just limited to the young.  As the cell phone distracts the driver, it matters not their age or experience level, if the driver is distracted, problems occur.  Anecdotally, I ride my bike to work several days a week.  My route takes me six miles along roads that have only marginal traffic flow.  I do this on purpose so as to... View Article

Indiana Attorney General Warns Against Texting While Driving

Greg Zoeller, Indiana’s Attorney General, recently met with AT&T Indiana President Geoge Fleetwood and state lawmakers to urge all drivers to avoid sending or checking text messages while behind the wheel. The attorney general’s office is apparently aligning with AT&T’s national anti-texting-while-driving awareness campaign. Although distracted drivers come from all age groups, Zoeller noted that “Young drivers may already have a false sense of invulnerability. Couple that with the fact that today’s young drivers are from a generation that has possessed cell phones longer than they have had driver’s licenses, and you have a recipe for a multi-tasking disaster." The... View Article