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Biking Season is Upon Us

I woke up this morning looking forward to riding my bike to work, only to find it raining.  I guess I am a fair weather biker.  But, I did take a little time to think about what I was going to do to protect myself and about what drivers can do to protect bikers.  A car to bike impact is always going to result in damage to the bike and the biker.  Certainly the bike will be damaged, but more importantly the biker will likely be seriously injured including broken bones, spinal cord injury, brain injury and possibly wrongful death. ... View Article

Bulky Coats and Kids Car Seats can be a Dangerous Combination

Winter weather conditions pose additional problems for parents when it comes to securing their kids into car seats. The warm, but bulky, winter coats that keep kids warm can pose a life-threatening hazard if you try to buckle your child into their car seat while wearing those coats. The problem is that bulky coats can compress and allow the child to be ejected from their safety harness during an accident. When parents adjust the child safety seat harness to allow more room to accommodate the bulky winter coats, it can endanger their child. The webbing must fit snugly against the... View Article

Highway Construction Zone Safety

When there is construction on Indiana roads or highways, driving can become hazardous. Even when roads are well-marked, you must rely on other drivers to also pay attention and drive with due caution to avoid accidents. You may also be exposed to unforeseen dangers from loose debris, nails, potholes and sudden stops. As a recent fatal accident on I-65 demonstrates, Construction Zone Safety is an issue for all drivers. Penalties for offending drivers range from fines and loss of license privileges to jail time. Indianapolis Accident Attorneys Highway safety is an area of Personal Injury Law that our firm deals... View Article

Most Parents Are Not Installing Car Seats Correctly

Many parents and caregivers are making huge mistakes with car seats that could cause their child to be seriously injured in the unfortunate event of an auto or truck accident. You should utilize the following tips to help you ensure that your child’s car seat is installed properly and you are using it correctly. Car Seat Checkup (provided by 1. Right Seat. This is an easy one. Check the label on your car seat to make sure it’s appropriate for your child’s age, weight and height. Like milk, your car seat has an expiration date. Just double check the... View Article

Back to School Means Using Caution in School Zones

Schools are back in session in Indiana, and that means that students are out in full force, traveling from home to school and back again. Crossing guards monitor only very few school crossings; there is a shortage of volunteers and a shortage of funds to pay for crossing guards. State and local police officers do make an effort to be out and about during the times when most students are traveling. Most school zones are unmonitored, unless a local law enforcement officer has time to patrol during the peak hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., and 2:00 p.m. to... View Article

Winter Weather Driving and Avoiding Accidents

No matter where you live, it is prudent to have an understanding about winter weather driving and avoiding accidents. In some of the sunnier states, people have a difficult time driving when there is even a light snowfall, mostly because they are not familiar with driving on the slippery surfaces that snow and ice create. People living in the “snowbelt” states usually are quite familiar with driving in snowy conditions, but there always will be plenty of accidents that occur with the first snowfall of the season and whenever there are blizzard conditions. The Federal Highway Administration tracks winter weather... View Article

Tips on Avoiding Semi-Truck Accidents

As we spoke about earlier, accidents involving semi-trucks can be deadly for those in passenger cars and smaller trucks. The following tips will help drivers avoid an accident with a semi truck and stay safe on the roads during this holiday season and all through the year. * Be Cognizant of Blind Spots Semi-trucks have large blind spots on the side of the vehicle, and behind it. Before you pass a semi, ensure that the driver sees your vehicle and is aware that you are planning to pass. You should also remember to signal your intentions well in advance of... View Article

Roundabout Driving Safety Tips

Traffic circles, or roundabouts, have been a common fixture in places outside the Hoosier State for a long time. These roundabouts can be up to five lanes wide, with speed limits of up to 70 miles per hour. Thanks to traffic circles, heavy traffic flows smoothly through even the biggest cities, with very few accidents. However, these traffic control devices are just now becoming popular in Indiana, and some drivers are confused about how they work. The following tips will help new (and not-so-new) drivers navigate these intersections. First, obey the signs when you approach a roundabout. These areas have... View Article

Tips for Avoiding Deer Collisions This Fall and Winter

Fall is upon us again here in the Hoosier State. The deer population in Indiana is as strong as ever, and motor vehicle accidents involving deer are extremely common. When you are out and about enjoying the fall foliage and thousands of miles of scenic roadway in Indiana, use the following tips to help you avoid a collision with a deer. Plan Your Trips Wisely Deer are most active at dawn and dusk. If you can, avoid traveling during peak deer activity times. And avoid traveling during dark when visibility is poor. If you must travel, leave a little earlier... View Article

Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney Discusses School Bus Safety Tips

Schools are back in session throughout central Indiana. Thousands of children are traveling across the metro area in the morning and afternoon, to get from home to school and back again. If you are driving during peak school zone times, you should be watching for school buses. You should also know what to do, to keep children safe and keep out of legal trouble. Know What to Look For There are several things you should be watching for. First, look for signs along the roadway that signal school bus stops. Signs near schools will also signal school bus loading and... View Article

Bicycles On The Road – Being Safe

I am on my way home yesterday from the office. I am a serious personal injury lawyer. I represent people who have been seriously injured or suffered wrongful death as a result of the carelessness of others. I am headed north on a one way street, Delaware Street, in Indianapolis, IN. It is about 5:30 pm. Cars are parked on the side of the street. The thing about cars parked on the side of the street, for a cyclist, is that you have to be aware that they might suddenly open their door in your path. Not only is there... View Article

Enforcing Text Ban Remains Problematic

In 2011, the State of Indiana passed a ban on texting. This ban prohibited drivers from using their phones to send or receive text messages while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. However, there are several loopholes in this law that are causing frustration amongst citizens, lawmakers and law enforcement officers. While the ban passed in Indiana addresses text messaging specifically, it does not prohibit drivers from utilizing smartphones to access other apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, email and other apps that can cause distraction while driving. Police officers are allowed to stop an individual on suspicion of texting... View Article