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Do you want to give a Statement to the At Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

If you are in a collision and you are injured we advise against giving a statement to the at fault driver’s insurance company.  Why, you ask.  You are going to tell the truth and everyone will agree that it is the other driver’s fault, so what is the harm. Let’s take it one step at a time.  First, the police have already performed an investigation and more likely than not have taken a statement from you.  The insurance company for the at fault driver has access to the police report.  Therefore, they already have a statement from you.  Therefore, what... View Article

Police Reports and Accidents

In our line of work, representing seriously injured people as a result of car crashes, semi tractor-trailer accidents and drunk driving accidents, we rely heavily upon an investigating officers report to start our investigation into the facts of the car collision.  We do not rely exclusively upon the report because we want to speak directly with the witnesses and obtain recorded statements about how the auto accident occurred.  We also want to get out to the scene of the collision as soon as possible before the physical evidence is worn away by the weather.  Nothing is as important to a... View Article

What if the person who hit you claims they had the green Light?

You are driving home after a pleasant day with family and friends.  You approach an intersection and wham, you are spinning with an explosion like a gun shot in your ears.  You have just been the victim of a car crash. You can’t see because the airbag is wrapped around your face.  Your are disoriented and in shock.  You are not sure if your spouse, in the passenger seat is okay and you are not sure if your kids are ok in the back seat.  You do not even know if you are ok.  Your world is just not predictable... View Article

Highway Construction Zone Safety

When there is construction on Indiana roads or highways, driving can become hazardous. Even when roads are well-marked, you must rely on other drivers to also pay attention and drive with due caution to avoid accidents. You may also be exposed to unforeseen dangers from loose debris, nails, potholes and sudden stops. As a recent fatal accident on I-65 demonstrates, Construction Zone Safety is an issue for all drivers. Penalties for offending drivers range from fines and loss of license privileges to jail time. Indianapolis Accident Attorneys Highway safety is an area of Personal Injury Law that our firm deals... View Article

Winter Conditions to Blame for 20 Car Pile up

Winter weather and white out conditions due to heavy snow across Indiana contributed to several multi-vehicle crashes recently. Vehicle accidents are a major reason many people first contact our law office for assistance gaining recovery for their Personal Injury accident claims. Many injury accidents are caused by simple negligence and when drivers do not use common sense when visibility conditions are poor on roadways. Drivers travelling too closely or too fast during white out conditions were the main problems cited as the cause of a 20 car pile-up on northbound I-69 in Delaware County. A multi-vehicle crash shut down travel... View Article

Winter Weather Driving and Avoiding Accidents

No matter where you live, it is prudent to have an understanding about winter weather driving and avoiding accidents. In some of the sunnier states, people have a difficult time driving when there is even a light snowfall, mostly because they are not familiar with driving on the slippery surfaces that snow and ice create. People living in the “snowbelt” states usually are quite familiar with driving in snowy conditions, but there always will be plenty of accidents that occur with the first snowfall of the season and whenever there are blizzard conditions. The Federal Highway Administration tracks winter weather... View Article

Auto Accidents, Medical Payments Insurance and Health Insurance

Heaven forbid, but imagine either you, a loved one or a close friend is hit by a drunk driver.  Injuries include broken bones and spinal injuries.  The drunk driver has insurance, but the health care providers do not want to wait for payment of all the bills incurred because of the serious personal injuries.  What do you do?  First, take a deep breath, there are answers to all these question rolling through your mind. The first question you have to answer is who is going to pay all these bills. Of course the liability insurance carrier for the drunk driver... View Article

Why Are Truck Accidents So Horrific?

According to the NHTSA, the number of fatal auto accidents is increasing yearly. Almost 40,000 people each year are killed in automobile accidents, and many of these are due to run-ins with a semi. According to the same set of statistics, around half a million accidents each year involve trucks that weigh over 10,000 pounds. These accidents include serious injuries, and thousands of deaths. With that being said, accidents involving large trucks make up just a small percentage of the total of accidents on United States roadways each year. However, these accidents make up a large portion of the fatalities. When... View Article

Tell Jurors the Truth in an Automobile Accident Claim

Assume you are in a severe automobile accident, a drunk driving accident or a semi tractor-trailer collision.  Assume also that you have serious personal injury or a loved one suffers wrongful death.  Now assume that the insurance company that you purchased underinsured motorist coverage from to protect you if the drunk driver does not have insurance refuses to settle the claim and you are forced to file suit.  Naturally you think you name the insurance company as a defendant, after all it is they who you contracted with, an paid your premium to, to protect you when the semi tractor-trailer... View Article

Megabus being sued over crash near Indianapolis

On October 14, 2014, a Megabus was involved in an accident near Indianapolis. The bus was carrying between 50 and 60 passengers, and was traveling during overnight hours when visibility was limited. In addition, the weather was bad. Rain was falling and the interstate highway that the bus was traveling down was slick with rain. The driver of the bus, according to passengers, had stated that the windshield wipers on the bus were malfunctioning. At nearly 4:30 a.m. eastern time, the bus driver encountered a disabled vehicle on I-65 near Greenwood. The bus driver lost control of the Megabus. The... View Article

Tips for Avoiding Deer Collisions This Fall and Winter

Fall is upon us again here in the Hoosier State. The deer population in Indiana is as strong as ever, and motor vehicle accidents involving deer are extremely common. When you are out and about enjoying the fall foliage and thousands of miles of scenic roadway in Indiana, use the following tips to help you avoid a collision with a deer. Plan Your Trips Wisely Deer are most active at dawn and dusk. If you can, avoid traveling during peak deer activity times. And avoid traveling during dark when visibility is poor. If you must travel, leave a little earlier... View Article