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Accidents and Paralysis

The scariest moment of a person’s life has to be when they are in an accident, whether it is a car accident, a drunk driving accident, a semi tractor-trailer accident, construction accident, or any other type of injury accident, and they realize that they cannot feel or move their legs, or arms or any part of their body.  This kind of injury can be devastating to a family.  The good news is that advances in medicine are making the lives of paralysis patients ever more livabale and rewarding.  New techniques and medicines are being developed to help reduce and minimize... View Article

About Spinal Cord Injury

I was thinking about my friend Chet the other day.  I learned so much from Chet.  He was a wonderful friend, full of love and time for others. He also taught me about perservence and spinal cord injury.  You see Chet was injured in an accident and suffered a spinal cord injury.  The injury occurred in the neck and the effect of the injury was that Chet was paralyzed from the nipples down.  He had gross motor movement in his arms but none in his hands.  It makes no difference whether the spinal cord injury is caused by an automobile... View Article

Trampolines Spinal Cord Injuries and Serious Injury

I was a kid once.  We had a neighbor who had a trampoline.  We were always trying to get on it because it was a blast.  We always wanted to double bounce or be double bounced.  To do it, two people need to be on the tramp.  Both jump a few times in unison.  Then the bigger person pulls up their feet just as the tramp rebounds from the double bounce, releasing their weight from the surface and causing the remaining jumper to jump twice as high.  We had no idea it was dangerous.  That trampoline attracted us like moths... View Article

Brain Injury and the Injury Lawyer

Why does that driver park in the handicap parking spot.  Heck they don’t look like there is anything wrong with them.  They probably scammed the BMV. The judgmental shopper goes on about their day.  The driver of the car parked in the handicapped parking lot hurries to the front door of the Wal-Mart.  There is the love of their life, tired after a part time day as a greeter.  The greeter is glad to see the one person who understands.  Each depending on the other they make it out of the store and on with the rest of their lives.... View Article

Negligence and Serious Personal Injury

What do lawyers mean when they talk about negligence? Why is it important in the lives of John and Jane Q. Public? First and foremost we live in a social society. Regardless of politics, we live interwoven lives and we depend on everyone else not to do things that will harm us. We all want to live our lives as best we can. One way we do this is to be healthy. If we suffer a serious personal injury such as a broken bone, a brain injury, a spinal cord injury that leaves us with paralysis and any other number... View Article

26 Years Experience Representing Hoosier Social Security Claimants

In my first year in the practice of law, my brother suggested that I read the rules and regulations controlling the Social Security Administration Disability claims process. So I did. My first case went to hearing that year, for a man with lumbar stenosis. We were successful in convincing the Administrative Law Judge that he was disabled. I have been representing Hoosier claimants for Social Security Disability ever since. I have represented at least a thousand Hoosiers in their claims. One thing I learned in this process, experience makes a big difference. Reading the rules and the regulations for the... View Article

Your Brain Injury Lawyer is Your Best Advocate

More than 1.4 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury in the United States each year; the majority of these injuries are due to the negligence of a third party. Brain injuries can range from mild issues like concussions, to major issues like seizures, loss of control and even death. If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury, you may not be sure where to turn. A brain injury attorney is your best advocate; they provide several services that can help you during your recovery period and beyond. A brain injury attorney has several duties and responsibilities... View Article

Life Care Plans and Serious Personal Injury

Young & Young has been representing seriously injured Hoosiers since 1954.  In that time we have represented thousands upon thousands of Hoosiers with serious injuries caused by auto accidents, drunk driving accidents, construction injuries, and any other accidents.  We have represented Hoosiers with spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis, brain injury, and wrongful death.  One of the services we provide to those with lifelong permanent injuries is working with a life care planner to plan out the costs the injured person and their family will encounter for the duration of the injured person’s life. We take this extra step because... View Article

Watch For Children Playing

I always tell me teenage drivers, a child is a stop sign, when you see one in an area, be prepared to stop.  This means that they should be driving at such a speed , when children are present, that they can stop at a moments notice.  I tell them that the inconvenience of driving a little slower is worth not having to spend the rest of their lives thinking about the serious personal injury or wrongful death they might cause to an innocent child.  Some other rules go along with this kind of thinking.  Do not speed through residential... View Article

Spinal Cord Injury

You are likely reading this blog because either you, a loved one or a friend is dealing with the effects of a spinal cord injury.  As you know, the spinal cord is the hard wire connection between the brain, and the rest of the body.  The brain is the primary body structure making up the central nervous system.  The brain sends and receives electrical impulses which control muscle and sensory functions within the body.  The nervous system is known to be made up of three distinct systems, the autonomic nervous system, the voluntary nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system. ... View Article

Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys on the New Health Care Law and How it Affects You

As your Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys, we want to discuss with you the impact of the new Health Care Law on Hoosiers dealing with paraplegia and quadriplegia.  The fact is that Hoosiers dealing with spinal cord injury have a multitude of medical issues that may not be apparent to the casual observer.  Some examples include pressure sores.  Pressure sores develop because the spinal cord injury prevents the person from sensing pressure on parts of the affected body.  People without spinal cord injury are constantly sensing heat or pressure when sitting or laying down and move to relieve that pressure. ... View Article

Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys – Care for the Caregiver

At Young and Young, we have worked with the finest doctors in the country on spinal cord injury. As Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys, representing Hoosiers dealing with spinal cord injuries out of our Indianapolis offices, we know the full impact on the family of a Hoosier dealing with spinal cord injury.  We represent Hoosiers with paraplegia, quadriplegia, and other problems caused by an injury to the spinal cord.  It does not matter whether the injury was caused by a car accident, a drunk driving accident, a truck accident, a construction accident, a fall from height, or any other kind... View Article