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Social Security Disability and Delays in Receiving Benefits

I received an email the other day from a frustrated client.  He wrote that he has been waiting for 13 months for benefits and he knows a former co-worker who went in applied and got the benefits in less than two weeks.  The email asked a good question, why did I get a lawyer and still have to wait so long when the other guy got benefits so quickly?  In other words, what are you doing to help me and why is it taking so long? There are no easy answers to this very difficult question.  The first answer is... View Article

Social Security and Your Disability Benefits Application

The first step to filing your claim for Social Security Disability Benefits is to file an application.  This can be done in a couple different ways.  You can make an appointment to complete the application by phone.  You can make an appointment to file the application in person at your local social security office. You can file you application on line.  The Social Security Administration website is found at  The Social Security Administration does a fine job providing information about how to complete the application.  The site is easy to navigate. The application may take from one to two... View Article

Social Security Disability and Deadlines for Appeals

What happens when the Social Security Administration turns down your Disability application?  Two things happen- the first is that as far as the Social Security Administration is concerned your claim is denied unless you appeal.  The second thing is that the burden is on the claimant to appeal the denial of the claim.  So, how do you appeal and how much time do you have to appeal?  The answer to these questions can be found in three places.  The first is on the letter you receive which tells you your claim for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied.  The... View Article

Social Security Disability and Cancer

If you have cancer and either the cancer, or the side effects from the treatment are interfering with your ability to work, let’s talk.  The first thing you need to know is that Social Security Disability is not a short term disability policy.  This means that your medical impairments must be expected to last more than 12 months.  This next part is very important.  Just because your disability must be expected to last more than 12 months, does not mean that you have to wait 12 months from your diagnosis to file your application.  In fact, I encourage you to... View Article

Help Stop the Elderly from Being Scammed

If you have any older parents or grandparents you should read this…   A friend of mine had this happen to him..the story is not a hoax ,unfortunately it is true…..   “Recently my in-laws were scammed..  they got a call from a “ public defender”   that their grandson  in LA.. was in a collision and arrested for DWI .. the police took his cell phone and he was too  embarrassed to tell any family of the incident but needed $1500 wired to a Bail Bond company to get his release…  We found out about it too late… after the money was... View Article

Social Security Disability and Psychological Disabilities

Psychological Disabilities are real and they can be so intense that they render the individual helpless to take care of themselves by working and earning a living.  The biggest difference between a psychological impairment and a physical impairment is that you cannot see a psychological impairment on an xray or on a CT scan or on an MRI.  I often hear people say, that person does not look disabled, how can they be getting social security.  I always tell those complainers that there is a lot more to people than meet the eye, so do not judge until you walked... View Article

Social Security Disability and Good Use of Your Hands

The Social Security Administration asks first are you working.  If you are not the SSA asks can you still perform the job you used to perform.  If the answer is no then the SSA asks what physical activity your body can still do despite its disability.  If your body restricts you to sedentary work (sitting most of the time, some walking and standing and lifting less than 10 pounds on a regular basis) the SSA will ask if you have any transferable skills that will transfer from your previous work to a different kind of work where you have to... View Article

In a Social Security Claim, what does ADL Mean

In the world of Social Security Disability, the letters ADL stand for Activities of Daily Living.  These are the activities that all able bodied individuals perform each day as part of everyday living.  The list can be exhaustive, but generally activities of daily living divide into activities specific to the hygiene of the individual and activities specific to the maintenance of the household.  So by way of example brushing your teeth, bathing, dressing, combing your hair, etc are specific to personal hygiene.  On the other hand, activities specific to the maintenance of the home include vacuuming, dusting, cooking, laundry, cutting... View Article

Social Security Disability and the Ability to Ambulate Effectively

What the heck does ambulate effectively mean and why should it matter to a person filing a claim with the Social Security Administration for Disability Benefits? Let’s start with the second question first. The ability to walk is essential to almost every job.  It certainly is essential for most trades.  The Social Security Administration classifies jobs by how much physical ability is necessary to do the job.  The classification that requires the least amount of physical activity is called a sedentary job.  A sedentary job calls for the worker to sit for most of the work day.  Even so, a... View Article

Young and Young Works for All Hoosiers

Let this be our public stand:  At Young & Young we refuse to discriminate.  We represent Hoosiers, all Hoosiers.  We see our job as helping Hoosiers when they are most vulnerable.  We call on the Governor and the Legislature to repeal RFRA.  We agree that people of religious conviction are guaranteed the right to practice those convictions as they see fit. That guarantee is a constitutional guarantee. However, that right does not confer upon anyone the right to discriminate, marginalize, or denigrate others. We are social beings.  Success in society depends upon doing unto others as you would have done... View Article

Seizure Disorders and Social Security Disability

Seizure disorders, in the Social Security rules and regulations regarding Disability are discussed on 20 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) Part 404, Sub Part P., Appendix 1, Part A.  The Federal Government cannot seem to keep anything simple.  If you cannot find it, give me a call and I will email it to you.   The Listing of Impairment you need to review is Listing of Impairment Section 11.  This is the Section dealing with Neurological impairments.  The precise sub categories are Sections 11.02 Epilepsy- Convulsive Epilepsy and Section 11.03 – Non Convulsive Epilepsy.  Section 11.02, as you might have made... View Article

Understanding Social Security Disability Appeals Process

In a Title II Disability claim, also known as an SSDI claim, there are several layers of appeal in the process.  The first step to beginning a Social Security disability claim is to file your application.  This can be done a couple different ways.  You can set an appointment go to the Social Security Office near you and file the application with the help of the staff.  The other option is to go on line ( and file the application.  The online process will take you 90-120 minutes.  You can do this on line with, or without, an attorney.  The... View Article