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The Hit and Run Accident and the Injury Lawyer

Pow, out of nowhere, a car runs the stop sign and hits you broadside.  Your airbags go off and white smoke envelopes you.  You aren’t sure, but you think there might be a fire in the car.  You don’t really know what happened and you can’t focus.  The world is moving a bit slower now.  You think, am I hurt, what is going on.  You feel a sharp pain in your left shoulder and rib area, where the impact came from.  You think, I might be seriously hurt, what should I do?  You look left and see that the car... View Article

Hit and Run Drivers and Uninsured Motorist Driver Insurance Coverage

Charles A. Parrett hit a fellow Hoosier with his car. He left the scene.  He came back to the scene after speaking with his mother.  Good for her.  Unfortunately,  Robert L Blankenship, a pedestrian, suffered wrongful death as a result of being hit by Parrett’s car.  Mr. Parrett was charged with fleeing the scene of an accident resulting in death, and operating a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance, causing death. How sad for all involved.  Bad choices lead to bad consequences and two families suffer. I tell you this story because it is an opportunity to help... View Article

Accident Attorneys Young and Young Say “Thank You, Officer David S. Moore”

At Young and Young, we work very hard to be the best Indiana Serious Injury lawyers we can be.  Serious injuries arise from serious accidents.  If you or a loved one is involved in a serious highway accident, drunk driving accident, big truck accident, construction accident, or any other serious accident, we know the medicine and know how to aggressively represent your interests. We want to take a minute, in these days of danger and concern, to send out our thanks to the family and colleagues of IMPD Officer David S. Moore.  Thank you Officer Moore for dedicating your life... View Article

Indiana’s Wrongful Death Statute

At Young and Young we represent Hoosier families who are coping with the tragedy of the wrongful death of a loved one.  These are particularly hard times for families who lose the bread winner.  Even more distressing is the loss of the love, affection and guidance of a family member.  The Indiana Wrongful Death Act is the statutory law that controls a case when the family loses a loved one to wrongful death.  For the purposes of this statute, it matters not how the accident occurs.  In many instances the wrongful death is the result of a drunk driving accident,... View Article

Indiana Serious Injury Attorneys on Defending Tort Law

As you know from our recent talks, we have been taking this time to defend the civil justice system against those who would rather strip the American public of their rights than have to make up for the harm they do.  We, as Americans, have done a poor job defending our right to jury trial.  Our founding fathers thought enough of this right to specifically place it in our constitution.  We should be defending it more vigorously than the gun lobby works to defend the right to bear arms.  We have let the insurance companies and the moneyed interests chip... View Article

Indianapolis drunk driving accident warnings

The lawyers of Young & Young are proud to be Indiana Serious Injury Attorneys.  We travel all over the state representing seriously injured Hoosiers from our Indianapolis offices.  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Season and a safe New Year.  If you are like us you were concerned about drunk driving on New Year’s Eve.  I know you spoke directly to your children and told them to minimize their driving on that night.  For your older children, the warning against drunk driving cannot be heard too often or too loudly.  In Indianapolis, the cab companies offered free rides to... View Article

Indiana Injury Attorneys

Young and Young are Severe Injury Attorneys Indianapolis.  Our Injury Attorneys, practicing out of our Indianapolis offices, travel the State of Indiana representing Hoosiers severely injured by the negligence of others.  We represent Hoosiers severely injured in automobile accidents, semi tractor-trailer accidents, drunk driving accidents, highway accidents, construction accidents motorcycle accidents and any other type of accident caused when another is negligent. If our client is injured severely enough to not be able to work, we also represent them in their claim for Social Security Disability Benefits. Because we only represent severely injured Hoosiers, for instance Hoosiers coping with brain... View Article