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Do you want to give a Statement to the At Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

If you are in a collision and you are injured we advise against giving a statement to the at fault driver’s insurance company.  Why, you ask.  You are going to tell the truth and everyone will agree that it is the other driver’s fault, so what is the harm. Let’s take it one step at a time.  First, the police have already performed an investigation and more likely than not have taken a statement from you.  The insurance company for the at fault driver has access to the police report.  Therefore, they already have a statement from you.  Therefore, what... View Article

Police Reports and Accidents

In our line of work, representing seriously injured people as a result of car crashes, semi tractor-trailer accidents and drunk driving accidents, we rely heavily upon an investigating officers report to start our investigation into the facts of the car collision.  We do not rely exclusively upon the report because we want to speak directly with the witnesses and obtain recorded statements about how the auto accident occurred.  We also want to get out to the scene of the collision as soon as possible before the physical evidence is worn away by the weather.  Nothing is as important to a... View Article

Highway Construction Zone Safety

When there is construction on Indiana roads or highways, driving can become hazardous. Even when roads are well-marked, you must rely on other drivers to also pay attention and drive with due caution to avoid accidents. You may also be exposed to unforeseen dangers from loose debris, nails, potholes and sudden stops. As a recent fatal accident on I-65 demonstrates, Construction Zone Safety is an issue for all drivers. Penalties for offending drivers range from fines and loss of license privileges to jail time. Indianapolis Accident Attorneys Highway safety is an area of Personal Injury Law that our firm deals... View Article

Indiana Megabus Accident Injuries

A recent Indiana Megabus accident on southbound I-65, near Edinburgh, again points out some of the risks taken when you are on public transportation. Passengers on common carriers, like the Megabus, airplanes, taxis and other modes of group transport are unavoidably exposed to certain risks. When you are not in control of a vehicle, there is little you can personally do to avoid accidents, seen or unseen. You depend on the driver, captain or other person in charge to take reasonable care to transport passengers safely. Personal Injury – Bus Accidents Every year, about 20,000 people are injured in bus... View Article

Winter Weather Driving and Avoiding Accidents

No matter where you live, it is prudent to have an understanding about winter weather driving and avoiding accidents. In some of the sunnier states, people have a difficult time driving when there is even a light snowfall, mostly because they are not familiar with driving on the slippery surfaces that snow and ice create. People living in the “snowbelt” states usually are quite familiar with driving in snowy conditions, but there always will be plenty of accidents that occur with the first snowfall of the season and whenever there are blizzard conditions. The Federal Highway Administration tracks winter weather... View Article

Auto Accidents, Medical Payments Insurance and Health Insurance

Heaven forbid, but imagine either you, a loved one or a close friend is hit by a drunk driver.  Injuries include broken bones and spinal injuries.  The drunk driver has insurance, but the health care providers do not want to wait for payment of all the bills incurred because of the serious personal injuries.  What do you do?  First, take a deep breath, there are answers to all these question rolling through your mind. The first question you have to answer is who is going to pay all these bills. Of course the liability insurance carrier for the drunk driver... View Article

Roundabout Driving Safety Tips

Traffic circles, or roundabouts, have been a common fixture in places outside the Hoosier State for a long time. These roundabouts can be up to five lanes wide, with speed limits of up to 70 miles per hour. Thanks to traffic circles, heavy traffic flows smoothly through even the biggest cities, with very few accidents. However, these traffic control devices are just now becoming popular in Indiana, and some drivers are confused about how they work. The following tips will help new (and not-so-new) drivers navigate these intersections. First, obey the signs when you approach a roundabout. These areas have... View Article

Megabus being sued over crash near Indianapolis

On October 14, 2014, a Megabus was involved in an accident near Indianapolis. The bus was carrying between 50 and 60 passengers, and was traveling during overnight hours when visibility was limited. In addition, the weather was bad. Rain was falling and the interstate highway that the bus was traveling down was slick with rain. The driver of the bus, according to passengers, had stated that the windshield wipers on the bus were malfunctioning. At nearly 4:30 a.m. eastern time, the bus driver encountered a disabled vehicle on I-65 near Greenwood. The bus driver lost control of the Megabus. The... View Article

Tips for Avoiding Deer Collisions This Fall and Winter

Fall is upon us again here in the Hoosier State. The deer population in Indiana is as strong as ever, and motor vehicle accidents involving deer are extremely common. When you are out and about enjoying the fall foliage and thousands of miles of scenic roadway in Indiana, use the following tips to help you avoid a collision with a deer. Plan Your Trips Wisely Deer are most active at dawn and dusk. If you can, avoid traveling during peak deer activity times. And avoid traveling during dark when visibility is poor. If you must travel, leave a little earlier... View Article

Motorcycle Fatalities in Indiana on the Rise

As the weather warms up, more motorcycle riders will be hitting the roads to take their first rides of the new season. With the increased traffic comes in increased risk for personal injury and collisions. The total number of U.S. traffic deaths has risen for the first time since 2005 and motorcycle deaths represent 14.7 percent of this number, a new high. In Indiana, 2012 saw the highest number of motorcycle fatalities since the 1970s, with 152 deaths. This trend is disturbing, and requires the attention of all drivers to be reversed. Factors causing increased motorcycle fatalities include warmer weather... View Article

Little Black Boxes and Serious Personal Injury

When a plane crashes we always here that the representatives of the NTSB is looking for the cockpit recording device, generally referred to as the black box.  Did you know that most newer cars have at least two such recorders installed.  One records data relative to an event such as a automobile collision.   The other records data regarding the airbags relative to an event such as a crash.  It is important to note that the recorders record on a continuous loop and will only be saved if the car is not restarted and moved after the collision.  This is true... View Article