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Drinking and Driving Factor in Fatal Indianapolis Auto Accident

Last week, Paige Byers, a 22 year old woman from Noblesville, was arrested for her actions on August 9. Ms. Byers is accused of causing a crash that ended in two fatalities. David Foster and Whitney Miller were killed when the vehicle driven by Ms. Byers crashed into them head on in Indianapolis. The crash was so severe that both individuals were pronounced dead on scene. Investigators believe that Ms. Byers was intoxicated at the time of the crash. As a result, Ms. Byers now faces some serious legal charges, including two counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated causing... View Article

Father I Need You

I am in a fog, tween there and here, shivering as that sound, something like pain, takes meaningful shape. Down the hall, past the baby’s room to their room. Its dark, but I have done this so many times I can do it in my sleep. I will crawl into their bed and fall back to sleep between the warmth of two loving bodies. Strange, I hear the crying but it doesn’t really make sense. At first I think it is the baby, probably needs changing, but the crying is different, muffled, instead of the screeching wail of a wet... View Article

Wrongful Death in Indiana

Wrongful death is a phantom we wish everyone is able to avoid. Unfortunately we live in the world of Humans. In the legal world, the history of Wrongful Death begins in England. English common law is the basis of most of the legal structure we have in the United States. When the 1776 Revolution was complete, and the Constitution was being written, we kept the common law system that was in effect before we threw off British rule. The common law is different from statutory law in the following way. The common law is the law which developed through a... View Article

Motorcycle Fatalities in Indiana on the Rise

As the weather warms up, more motorcycle riders will be hitting the roads to take their first rides of the new season. With the increased traffic comes in increased risk for personal injury and collisions. The total number of U.S. traffic deaths has risen for the first time since 2005 and motorcycle deaths represent 14.7 percent of this number, a new high. In Indiana, 2012 saw the highest number of motorcycle fatalities since the 1970s, with 152 deaths. This trend is disturbing, and requires the attention of all drivers to be reversed. Factors causing increased motorcycle fatalities include warmer weather... View Article

Drunk Driving Accidents Shatter Lives

We have stated many times that drunk driving collisions must end. I personally think the serious personal injury and even wrongful death caused by the recklessness of the drunk driver is shameful. It can be summed up in this way: What is good for me is good, it matters not how it affects you. The drunk driver is only thinking of themselves. They do not think about the consequences of their decision to drink and drive. Sad as it is to kill or maim a fellow Hoosier, it is just as sad when the drunk driver accident causes the death... View Article

Distracted Driving and Semi Tractor-Trailer Accidents

I have been very vocal about distracted driving.  It is as bad as drunk driving.  Now I want to share with you a sad tale involving a detracted driver.  To make things worse, the distracted driver was driving a semi tractor-trailer at the time he was driving distracted and predictably caused a distracted driver collision. A group of young people were on their way to a concert in another state.  The young people were in 3-4 separate cars, and they were in a kind of caravan.  In the rear of the line of cars was a young man, about 27... View Article

Head On Collisions and Serious Personal Injury

Two people were suffered wrongful death in a head on collision in Madison County last night. At least three people were flown by life line helicopter as a result of serious personal injury. According to news reports Lukas D. Green of Muncie Indiana crossed the centerline and collided head on with the car driven by an as yet identified driver. It is not clear why Mr. Green crossed the centerline. This presents another reminder to all Hoosiers that distracted driving kills and maims. Distracted driving includes a wide range of behaviors which take the drivers full attention away from the... View Article

Indiana Serious Injury Lawyer Discusses Sam Mack

I knew Sam Mack as a child, then lost touch with him as he grew into an adult. Sam struck me as a child with immense potential, once he grew out of the awkward stages of life. He was smart and energetic and entertaining. So, I guess, Sam Mack was a lot like any child. I read today, with despair, that Sam has made a fatal mistake.

Riding in Bed Of Pickup leads to Personal Injury

While riding in a car or truck, a person is travelling at the same speed as the vehicle. If the vehicle has to make a quick stop, the people in the bed are going to keep moving because they have no brake (ie the seatbelt). So they either fly out of the truck bed or they hit the truck itself.

Horseplay is Dangerous Driving

Horseplay is any action of a passenger or passengers, that distracts the driver of a car. Horseplay can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

Indiana Serious Injury Lawyer knows Speed Kills

It is a common headline, but when it is somebody famous the point is publicized more. “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn died in a fiery car crash in suburban Philadelphia early Monday morning. Of the more shocking details of this crash include that Mr. Dunn texted a picture of himself drinking not long before the crash, the car left over one hundred feet of skid marks, the car was unrecognizable, for a while the damage left the passenger unrecognizable, the car was travelling well over one hundred miles an hour.  Speed Kills.  It causes wrongful death and spinal cord injuries, paraplegia,... View Article

Serious Injury Lawyer Says Watch Out For Cyclists

The roads are not reserved for the two four wheel variety of transportation. Now that the warm months are upon us, we are seeing more bicycles and motorcycles sharing our roads.  This recognition is the first essential in helping to protect our two wheeled Hoosiers.  Cyclist are not generally as visible as a car.  So, all drivers must keep in mind to be on  the lookout for them.  Keep in mind that if you hit a cyclist and cause serious personal injury, such as a spinal injury, paraplegia, broken bones or even wrongful death, you may not be able to... View Article