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What if the Drunk Driver has no Insurance?

You are on your way home when a light flashes in front of you and then the lights go out.  You wake up in the hospital with broken bones, or a spinal cord injury or you have other life threatening injuries.  Your family tells you that you were hit by a drunk driver.  The family car is a total loss.  They had to cut you out of it and everyone was worried you were not going to make it.  The family also tells you that the drunk driver doesn’t have any insurance that will cover your medical bills, lost wages... View Article

Merry Christmas and Holiday Cheer (Please don’t be a Drunk Driver)

Last night my wife’s family had their annual Cousins Christmas party.  I really like my wife’s family and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the 70 or so that could make it.  My heart was full and my cup runneth over.  This is the meaning of Christmas for me.  So, I want to take this time to thank all Hoosiers who chose not to drink and drive last night.  Not one drunk driver threatened to cause the wrongful death of my wife’s family.  My wee little cousins avoided serious personal injury to sleep peacefully in their beds.  Their parents, some of... View Article

Drunk Driving, Texting and Personal Injury

When I was younger, we, as a society, did not appreciate the dangers of drunk driving.  It was more than 30 years ago that one woman said enough is enough.  I quote from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Website: “Beckie Brown was a tireless advocate for MADD. She became involved when her son, Marcus Daniel Brown, died at age 18 on December 9, 1979, from injuries suffered in a traffic crash involving a 19-year old drunk driver. Channeling her grief into action, Beckie established the first MADD chapter in Northern Florida.”  Wrongful death caused by the drunk driver, serious injury... View Article

Drunk Driving Causes Serious Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Are you aware that there are two kinds of drunk driving charges in the criminal justice system? The first is driving with a blood alcohol content over .08. The second is operating a motor vehicle while impaired. The former is an A misdemeanor (Punishable by not more than 1 year in Jail). The latter is a D felony punishable by not more than three years in jail. Both are crimes because driving in either circumstance lessens the drivers reaction time which, when operating a 2000 pound hunk of metal, can be very dangerous. I have represented Hoosiers who have fortunately... View Article

Father I Need You

I am in a fog, tween there and here, shivering as that sound, something like pain, takes meaningful shape. Down the hall, past the baby’s room to their room. Its dark, but I have done this so many times I can do it in my sleep. I will crawl into their bed and fall back to sleep between the warmth of two loving bodies. Strange, I hear the crying but it doesn’t really make sense. At first I think it is the baby, probably needs changing, but the crying is different, muffled, instead of the screeching wail of a wet... View Article

If a Bar Serves a Minor, it Should be Held Responsible for What Happens

We all know that drunk driving accidents bring serious personal injury and wrongful death down upon innocent Hoosier Families.  We know that alcohol sales to people under 21 is illegal.  We know that checking ID is simple and effective.  BUT, did you know that a bar which serves a minor alcohol may not be responsible for the serious injury and wrongful death that minor causes when they leave the bar and drive away?  Under Indiana law the innocent Hoosier family, upon which this death and destruction has been visited bears the burden of proving that the minor was visibly intoxicated... View Article

Preventing Friends from Driving Drunk

A Senseless Tragedy Most everyone would agree that drunk driving is an offense with some of the most serious consequences…. and not just by the law. The Indianapolis Auto Accident Attorneys of Young and Young sees serious personal injury far too often to not give suggestions on how to prevent one’s friends and family from causing hurt and injury to others. The Reality According to the Associated Press and national Gallup Polls, the institution of designated drivers has likely saved over 50,000 lives and countless more from injuries due to drunk driving. The Goal When going to an alcohol-serving function,... View Article

Justin Beiber and Drunk Driving

Unfortunately we seem to be watching another bright young talent flame out on the exhaust of overhype and overexposure.  I am not writing to lament the tail spin of Justin Beiber.  I truly hope that he sees the errors of his ways before his career suffers irreparable damage or he kills himself with the excess that killed Cory Haim, and innumerable other young stars. What I am really writing about is to ask Mr. Beiber that if he is bent on self destruction that he just do it , and leave innocent citizens alone.  Drunk driving is an act of... View Article

Dram Shop and Insurance

Dram shop is a theory of liability used by Seriously injured Hoosiers to hold bar owners liable for over serving their customers and then allowing them to drive drunk. As we have discussed many, many times, drunk drivers cause wrongful death, and serious personal injury. It is not a matter of whether the drunk driver will cause this kind of harm, but when the drunk driver will cause the drunk driving accident. I have said that the drunk driver lacks empathy. They lack the ability to understand how their actions affect and devastate other Hoosier families. If they could feel... View Article

Happy New Years Please Do Not Drink And Drive

Well another year gone by and a new one just ahead. Life is so full of potential. May your family be blessed with prosperity and empathy. No doubt you will be invited to a New Years gathering. It may be at the home of a friend, co-worker. You may celebrate in a public gathering or you might just spend quiet time with a loved one. We hope you enjoy. Please do not drink and drive. Drunk driving is such an unnecessary waste of potential prosperity. Think about the family without a loved one because a drunk driver caused the loved... View Article

Drunk Driving Accidents Shatter Lives

We have stated many times that drunk driving collisions must end. I personally think the serious personal injury and even wrongful death caused by the recklessness of the drunk driver is shameful. It can be summed up in this way: What is good for me is good, it matters not how it affects you. The drunk driver is only thinking of themselves. They do not think about the consequences of their decision to drink and drive. Sad as it is to kill or maim a fellow Hoosier, it is just as sad when the drunk driver accident causes the death... View Article

Impact Of Drunk Driving

On Monday afternoon, while I was enjoying Labor Day with my family I received a call from a distraught driver.  He told me of how he was driving through an intersection, on the green light, and was hit broad side by a drunk driver who ran the red light.  The caller’s partner was killed in the collision. The next day, my wife and I were walking our dogs near our home when we noticed paint marks on the road of a busy intersection.  I knew they meant that there had been a collision at the intersection, but I did not... View Article