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Back to School Means Using Caution in School Zones

Schools are back in session in Indiana, and that means that students are out in full force, traveling from home to school and back again. Crossing guards monitor only very few school crossings; there is a shortage of volunteers and a shortage of funds to pay for crossing guards. State and local police officers do make an effort to be out and about during the times when most students are traveling. Most school zones are unmonitored, unless a local law enforcement officer has time to patrol during the peak hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., and 2:00 p.m. to... View Article

Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney Discusses School Bus Safety Tips

Schools are back in session throughout central Indiana. Thousands of children are traveling across the metro area in the morning and afternoon, to get from home to school and back again. If you are driving during peak school zone times, you should be watching for school buses. You should also know what to do, to keep children safe and keep out of legal trouble. Know What to Look For There are several things you should be watching for. First, look for signs along the roadway that signal school bus stops. Signs near schools will also signal school bus loading and... View Article

Distracted Driving Can Lead to Wrongful Death

The news media is continuously reporting on instances of fatal automobile and motorcycle accidents. There are many causes behind these accidents, but the most frequent is a driver who is simply being negligent. You may think of alcohol or drugs when you think of negligent driving that resulted in a fatality during an auto accident. However, another cause of fatal accidents is distracted driving. Studies show that distracted driving can be just as dangerous, and as deadly, as driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. So, what constitutes distracted driving? Cell phones are a major cause of distraction... View Article

Texting and Driving Leads to Serious Injury and Wrongful Death

As cell phone use in vehicles increases, so does the number of auto accidents caused by this technology. According to the CDC, each year in the United States at least nine people are killed and more than 1,000 people are injured in crashes that are caused by distracted driving. Efforts are being made to educate the public on the consequences of texting and driving, but this isn’t enough. If you find yourself in the devastating position of being affected by a car accident that was caused by texting or other distractions, you must take the proper steps to legally protect... View Article

Distracted Driving and Semi Tractor-Trailer Accidents

I have been very vocal about distracted driving.  It is as bad as drunk driving.  Now I want to share with you a sad tale involving a detracted driver.  To make things worse, the distracted driver was driving a semi tractor-trailer at the time he was driving distracted and predictably caused a distracted driver collision. A group of young people were on their way to a concert in another state.  The young people were in 3-4 separate cars, and they were in a kind of caravan.  In the rear of the line of cars was a young man, about 27... View Article

Texting While Driving

Statistics tell us that a person who is texting while driving is distracted to the point that the driver is the equivalent of a drunk driver.  I am pleased to report that in my world the teenagers I encounter are well educated about the danger of drunk driving.  I hear many stories about parents who speak frankly with their children about drunk driving.  This may include telling them to stay where they are, call a cab which will be paid for no questions asked when they arrive home, or even getting up and picking them up.  We are not condoning... View Article

Texting and Driving, a Recipe for Serious Injury and Wrongful Death

 A few days ago we wrote about the dangers of distracted driving.  In that discussion we talked about texting and driving.  Well, one of our own brought home the importance of the discussion yesterday. Lucas Harrison of Richmond just had to get that last text out.  He was driving his car in Richmond, and texting in violation of the new anti texting law.  He was distracted from his duty on the road to pay attention by his texting.,  the next thing he knows he is driving through a medical building and coming out on the other side. The good news... View Article

Horseplay is Dangerous Driving

Horseplay is any action of a passenger or passengers, that distracts the driver of a car. Horseplay can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

Auto Accident Attorney discuss benefits of Indiana teen driving restrictions

Ask any parent the most important thing to them, and the answer most likely will be, the safety and well being of their children.  In July of 2009, the State of Indiana, began a program aimed at doing just that.  The State has extended the period of time that young drivers will receive training and guidance from adults before they obtain their driver’s licenses.  Now young drivers must be fifteen and a half (rather than 15) to obtain a permit, and the probationary period has been extended to age eighteen.   These measures appear to have helped decrease the traffic crash/accident... View Article

Distracted Drivers Put Indiana Highways in Danger – Indianapolis Auto Accident Attorneys

To our fellow Hoosiers, we know you are aware of the dangers that distracted drivers pose on the roads.  However, as your Indiana Serious Injury Attorneys, and Indiana Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys and Indiana Truck Accident lawyers, we want to share with you the following compilations of cars disregarding red lights.  Most of these incidents occurred because the offending driver was distracted by either texting, talking on their phone, eating, changing the dial on their radio or picking up something they dropped on the floor.  Although you cannot stop other people from doing dangerous and stupid things, please warn your... View Article

Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers

Did you know that you can buy Underinsured Motorist insurance coverage?  Did you know that it is cheap, costing maybe as little as 1/5th of your liability coverage?  So what is it and why is it important?  It is coverage that will protect you and your family if a negligent driver hits you and injures you but does not have enough insurance to fairly compensate you for all your losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, lost future earnings, and pain. Most people do not have enough coverage if they seriously injure you.  Underinsured Motorist coverage (UIM) will pay the... View Article

Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers

The lawyers at Young & Young are Indiana personal injury lawyers practicing out of our Indianapolis offices.  We only represent seriously injured Hoosiers, injured by the negligence of others.  We know the medicine about brain injury, blindness, back injuries, spinal cord injuries (such as paraplegia and quadriplegia), amputations and all other serious injuries.  If those injuries lead to death, we have 56 years of experience representing Hoosier families in wrongful death accidents.  If the injuries are serious enough to render our client unable to work, we are also Indiana Social Security Lawyers.   Serious personal injury work for Hoosiers is all... View Article