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Indiana Department of Revenue Upgrades INtax Portal

The Indiana Department of Revenue has updated its INtax program to create a more user-friendly platform and streamlined filing process. INtax was created in 2005 with the goal of helping Indiana businesses file taxes easily and transparently. Starting in 2013, Indiana required all businesses to file and pay sales and withholding taxes electronically via the INtax program. INtax allows businesses to access their tax records 24/7, as well as file and pay businesses taxes right up to the due date deadline. According to the Indiana Department of Revenue, over 300,000 Indiana businesses are registered on INtax and the state has... View Article

What to Expect When You’re ‘ACCEPT’ing

You download a new app or begin to register for a new website. You input your personal information and preferences, often with the assurance that the protection of your privacy is a core value of said company or brand. Then you come to the Terms and Conditions screen. If you are anything like many people, you scroll down hurriedly to find the Accept button and keep the process moving. But what have you just accepted? More often than not you have accepted that the entity you have given your information to now has the right to monitor your user habits... View Article

Is all Square in your small business?

The Square credit card reader has become a familiar scene at your local coffee shop, boutique, or lunch-counter stop as the cash registers of old have been replaced by digital tablets and smartphones. Square was created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey in 2009. Since that time, the company has consistently increased its share of the merchant services and mobile payment processing market. However, because it does not charge monthly user fees but charges only a flat fee per swipe, the company has focused on additional services it might offer in order to increase its overall profit margins: enter Square Capital.... View Article