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Indiana Serious Injury Attorney

Woodworking can be a fun but treacherous activity for people of all ages. There are inherent dangers from building a simple pine-wood derby car to the most complex woodworking activities. Most wood projects use a variety of different tools, almost all of which have a sharp point or edge. Those that don’t usually are dangerous in other ways, such as fast moving parts, saw blades and others. After all, the point of woodworking is to shape material that is always more dense and resistant that human flesh. As a result there are always serious dangers that come along with working... View Article

Is there any Help for Amputees and Para- or Quadriplegics?

You are in a car wreck with a drunk driver, or a motorcycle accident with a semi tractor-trailer, or a highway accident with a truck, a truck crash, a large truck crash, a construction accident, or traffic accident of any type.  You are injured.  The injury is either to your spinal cord or you have a leg or arm amputated.  If the injury is to your spinal cord you may be a paraplegic or quadriplegic.  While you are recovering, in the hospital, you contact a good accident attorney or accident lawyer.  Your lawyer will help you start the process of... View Article

If I am Injured, How do I Know Which Doctor Do I Go To? Part Four

In our last three blogs we have discussed the different kinds of doctors who can be helpful if you have been injured in a car wreck with a drunk driver, or in a traffic accident, or highway accident with a semi tractor trailer or a motorcycle accident.  This discussion applies equally to people who have been in a construction accident.   The types of injuries we discussed include brain injury, severe burns, electrocution, amputations, paralysis, spinal cord injury and back injuries.  While knowing what type of doctor treats what kinds of injuries is very important, did you know that there are... View Article