Biking Season is Upon Us

March 15, 2017 Published by

Ride a bike to workI woke up this morning looking forward to riding my bike to work, only to find it raining.  I guess I am a fair weather biker.  But, I did take a little time to think about what I was going to do to protect myself and about what drivers can do to protect bikers.  A car to bike impact is always going to result in damage to the bike and the biker.  Certainly the bike will be damaged, but more importantly the biker will likely be seriously injured including broken bones, spinal cord injury, brain injury and possibly wrongful death.  As I have stated before, as a driver, I never want to think that if I had just slowed down, or given the biker a little more room maybe I would not have to live with the serious personal injury or wrongful death of another on my conscience.

So I resolve as a driver of a car to take a little more time, and look for that bike that is hard to see.  When I do see the bike, give the biker a little more time to get to an area of the road where it is safe for me to pass.  When I do pass, I want to be sure to give the biker at least three feet of space.  As a driver that three feet does not seem so important, but as a biker being passed by 2000 pounds going by at 35 mph, three feet is a god send.  When I get to an intersection and want to make a right turn on red, I resolve to look for a biker to my left. When I see a bike lane I will honor it and stay out of it.

As a biker, I will wear bright clothes and lights on the front and back of my bike. I want to be seen.  I will not take up a whole lane of travel blocking cars with whom I share the road.  I will not run stop signs in front of cars and I will not ride in packs of bikes that think because there are a bunch of them they do not have to be concerned about the rights of drivers.

We can all share the road.  Biking is a great way to get exercise and reduce our carbon foot print, so drivers, thank a biker for being concerned for the environment and their health.  Driving is essential for most folks, so bikers be concerned about the rules of the road.  Be safe out there.

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