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Help Stop the Elderly from Being Scammed

September 29, 2015 Published by

If you have any older parents or grandparents you should read this…   A friend of mine had this happen to him..the story is not a hoax ,unfortunately it is true…..   “Recently my in-laws were scammed..  they got a call from a “ public defender”   that their grandson  in LA.. was in a collision and arrested for DWI .. the police took his cell phone and he was too  embarrassed to tell any family of the incident but needed $1500 wired to a Bail Bond company to get his release…  We found out about it too late… after the money was... View Article

Getting Your Medical Bills Paid While You Get Well

April 27, 2015 Published by

Insurance companies love it when an injured person does not have health insurance. Why?… you ask.. well then they know that you can not afford to get the proper medical treatment for your  injuries and will be pressured to accept less than full value for your damages. If you do not have health insurance then check to see if you are considered at work when you were injured (e.g. a delivery man driving to deliver gets hit by a driver at fault). If so then worker compensation should pay for your related medical bills and allow you to get the... View Article

Fall Travel Preparedness Tips

October 14, 2013 Published by

Fall is a time to enjoy the great outdoors and in Indiana we are blessed with a change of seasons that reminds us each seasons particular beauty. Safety when traveling can avoid accidents and injuries.

Damages can be to property(trees) as well as person

July 27, 2011 Published by

We most often get calls when someone is seriously injured as a result of an auto accident or other event that causes wrongful death or injury as a result of negligence.  Damages can come in the form of injury to  property as well. A recent example is occurring in the form of  damage to trees including mainly Norway spruce and white pines. A relatively new lawn care herbicide is believed to be causing damage to these trees which may require their removal and replacement. A recent notice from DuPont indicates that the herbicide Imprelis may be harming the trees.  IF you have... View Article

When Should You First Consult a Lawyer and Why – Personal Injury Attorney

July 25, 2011 Published by

You should not wait to consult with a lawyer if you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. A lawyer specializing in personal injury generally will not charge for a consultation and you should not have to sign any contract just to get some initial advice. Things to discuss include  how should your medical bills  be paid after an injury.  This could include, depending on the facts, whether workers compensation should be involved or whether  health insurance or medical payments coverage through your own policy should come into play.  There are deadlines that you should be aware of... View Article

Another Chinese Product Recalled

July 11, 2011 Published by

On June 23 ,2011 the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall of Circo Aloma Infant Giris Sandals imported by Target .

Indiana Auto Accident Attorney – Beware of Signing a Release Too Early

June 28, 2011 Published by

Often when someone is injured in a crash or by some other method as a result of someone’s negligence the insurance carrier for the party at fault will come in early and offer a small settlement in exchange for signing a “release”.  An injured person who signs the release gives up all of their rights regardless of how seriously they are injured. It does not matter how many medical bills you have or future medical bills you might have because  a release stops all responsibility on the party at faults behalf. It is not unusual for someone to come to our... View Article

Home Protection Tips for When You Travel

June 9, 2011 Published by

If you are  taking some time off during the summer and going out of town here are  some tips to protect your home while away. Some basic safety measures can help prevent problems while you’re away from home.  Consider doing these before leaving: – Be selective about informing others that you’ll be out of town.  You don’t want it to be common knowledge that your home is sitting empty.  Tell a trusted neighbor or family member when and where you’ll be going and when you’ll be returning. – Use timers to turn on and off lights, TVs, and radios according to your... View Article

Social Security Administration Listings of Impairment

March 25, 2011 Published by

When you apply for Social Security Disability Benefits it is important to know what rules and regulations the Social Security Administration will use to determine whether you are disabled.  It is also important to know that unless you can provide medical documentation of your disability, your chances of obtaining benefits are almost nonexistent.  The Social Security Administration will collect all your medical records. They will ask you and loved ones to supply written statements about your disability and your activities of daily living.  They will ask you to see a doctor or doctors they have contracts with to determine the... View Article